Thursday, August 18, 2011

lightning and thunder

I got a link to this news article in my email inbox this morning. And it is not helping my nerves. I just feel like they could have left this sentence out:
Filled with numerous grueling climbs both on the bike and run portions of the race, the Rush promises to put competitors to the ultimate test.

I mean, okay. I get it. I'm nervous. Really nervous. Are you happy?

How do pro athletes do it? How do they stay so motivated and not want to throw up before competitions like Kona or Le Tour de France?
Maybe I'm being ridiculous. Maybe they are all there feeling like they are about to throw up and having nightmares. Maybe they are just better at pretending they aren't doing those things than I am.

Or perhaps their confidence comes from being so awesome and fit. I mean, I am pretty much the PosterGirl for Unlikely Triathlete Magazine. Seriously, they want an exclusive with me. I am still mulling it over.

Wow. Thinking about these things is really not helping my nerves, either.
I think that I need something to make me feel strong. I need to get someone like Mickey, or some sort of motivational-rhyming-chant in my life. You know, a pre-game dance to give me strength from my ancestors. Or maybe just one that makes me feel a bit sassy. Or something that will give me the edge over my competitors.
I at least need my own kick-butt theme song!!

Alright, I'm pumped now. No more wondering if I will cross that finish line. No more whining.
Today I channel Rocky (which is why my face looks so stupid if you happen to run into me today).
Eye of the tiger, baby.


Meagan said...

Get it girl!!!!!!! Proud of you!!!

Stacy said...

YO ADRIAN!! Oh wait, I Meant YO MANDY!!!!
U R so totally Going to rock this!!! So proud of you!!!