Sunday, July 6, 2008

and the livin's easy

ahh i love the summer!! and summer food can't be beat. i just can't wait to try out THIS recipe from one of my favorite blogs, bakerella.

what's YOUR favorite summertime recipe?


Melissa Braegger said...

That looks evil and so enticing at the same time. I am all for our two fams taking over the 2 bedroom next year:) I heard that I missed Troop Beverly Hills. I love that movie and I have not seen it in forever. Did you have fun without me? Be honest you didn't did you? Where are your pics of the vacation? I was pleased with myself that I got them up a few days after getting home. Come on Mandy you are lagging behind. I'm glad McKenna and Avery still played pretty well. Just think next year they will be running away from us-Good times-Love Ya

Mandy said...

not so evil! i made this last night with sugar free fat free vanilla pudding (30 calories per serving!), extra bananas (yay for potassium!) and nilla wafer minis that come in 80 calorie pouches!! and it was so delish and cool and almost healthy!

Livi said...

That looks soo delicious. IN the summer time I am partial to fresh salads with grapes, cranberries and/or strawberries and a yummy fruit based dressing.