Friday, July 18, 2008

why... so... serious?

we went to the midnight release of The Dark Knight last night and i am still reeling!! it is incredible. so entertaining and exciting. heath ledger was INCREDIBLE as the joker. incredible. i don't know how else to describe it. he played the role beyond perfectly and made jack nicholson's version look like a bad joke. oh, and thank goodness they replaced insipid katie holmes for maggie gyllenhaal. honestly, i saw it twelve hours ago and i'm already itching to go again.


Livi said...

Agreed and agreed. We went to the midnight showing as well and it was madness - but fun!! Heath Ledger was so goood - I just wanted to watch the joker the whole time on screen. We are going to go see it again on Monday. Glad you had fun and liked it!

Jane said...

YaY!!! I'm so excited to see it tonight. I didn't get to go last night, but I've heard nothing but raving reviews. I love movies that leave you thinking about the amazing acting and plot. love you mandy girl

Kristine said...

i could not agree more! such a good film. i need to see it much happened in the 3 hours.

the joker blew my Mind!