Thursday, July 24, 2008

london calling

...well, not exactly london. liverpool actually. my little sis (aka the coolest girl in the world), mallory, has been enjoying her summer in liverpool. A LOT. a little too much, if you ask me. she has been working at the tate, an art museum, living with an adorable couple in runcorn, and she has gone and fallen in love! every time i talk to her she sounds super happy, but... but what if my mallwhorey goes and marries a cute Brit and lives overseas forever!! i mean, on one hand, SAWEET! i'm totally going to visit her every year. but on the other hand, i'm only going to see her... well, not enough.
but can you blame her? check out her main squeeze. name's josh evans. he's 22. served a mission in africa. likes long walks on the beach and has EXCELLENT taste in women if you ask me... i couldn't lose mallory to anyone less than her own mr. darcy.
...but until they get engaged or have a love child or something i'm going to send her pictures of her favorite person in the world (well, in the continental united states, at least), avery, to try to entice her to come home to me. i am an evil genius. muahaha

who wouldn't want to come back for this face??


Livi said...

Wait a second I think your sister went and stole my whole life plan........ :)

Melissa Braegger said...

Sounds serious...Are you so excited for Breaking Dawn? I just fiished reading Twilight again and fell in love with Edward all over again. I just really hope that it ends the way that I want it to. Avery is too cute in those videos. I think the funniest thing was hearing you laugh every so often.