Saturday, July 12, 2008

the boys are back in town

summer is slipping away and there is still so much warm weather fun to be had! regardless, i am determined to enjoy each warm and sunny day i am given. thursday klayton orchestrated a river trip for swimming and bridge jumping with my soon-to-be-married brother-in-law, carson, glen, and my brother zach. we went to downtown idaho falls and they jumped off of the cliffs and bridge by key bank there. i stayed out to hang with avery (i.e. the water is still pretty cold and i am a wuss), but i got some pretty great pictures and we all had lots of fun. i sure love all those boys. and we all really missed my other tow-headed half-brother, daniel, because idaho summer fun is never the same without him. but the boys all acted plenty silly anyway. check out the pics i got of them posing, acting like cavemen, etc.

and here's uncle zach giving avery a ride on his scooter. i took a bunch of cute pictures of her smiling and laughing, but this was my favorite. it's the biker sneer she has! like she is wearing leather and straddling a harley!!


Mickie Ann said...

I was so going to tell you to tell Klayton.. NOT TO JUMP OFF.. Haven't you heard like 3 people have already died this month in the river. He is CRAZY!!! I am glad all is well... crzy boys!!

Livi said...

Bridge Jumping = classic Idaho fun