Monday, July 21, 2008

there's always money in the banana stand

my dad was here this past week and "boy oh boy did we have some big fun," as Stanley Spedousky would say. my pop pop is the coolest and i love him oh so very much. every time we sit down to eat, you'll hear either, "how's your burger? *snicker*" or "what's the soup du jour?"
if you are wondering, the correct answer to either of those questions is, "dig in and i'll tell ya! *snicker*" or "it's the soup of the day." and when dad asked me how i can stand living up here with all of the WT folks, i told him my motto. WWJDD.
what would joe dirt do?
we did a bunch more stuff than just ride the carousel in rexburg and swim at monkey rock, including spending an evening in Jackson Hole watching Oklahoma and going to the Rexburg Temple, but i guess my camera and i were fighting. sorry!

"mmm. that sounds good. i'll have that."


Chadster and Brittster said...

Still rockin those same jokes is he? Does he still say "smells like bacon" when a cop goes by, or play the random draw game to decide cd's on a road trip? Funny guy...

Livi said...

WWJDD? I love it. Nice pics of monkah rock.