Tuesday, July 8, 2008

you'd catch 'em surfin' at del mar

here are our pictures from our beach week! we had tons of fun. avery and i came back tan, but klayton came back bright red! despite the 2nd degree burns klayton got, we really had a blast. i loved being with my family! my brother, zach, came back to idaho with klayton and i. he'll be living with us for about a month and working at the restaurant. i'm so excited to have him here!

day one of the beach. klayton is the sand castle king. my favorite part was walking over to check out what he was up to with my 18-year-old bro, spencer. we started teasing klayton about how seriously he was taking it, but then i turn around and spencer is on all fours, helping klayton build retaining walls.

all of the kids helped. alas, the tide came in too quickly and the castel was washed away.

the next day we hit sea world. here's uncle spencer and av.

sunburned mommy and avey.

grandpa with avery. they dressed to match.

grandma and grandpa got a kick out of avery seeing all the animals. here we are at the shamu show. when avery spotted the whale she would shriek and clap.

she loved the tide pools too.

i love this pic! here's uncle zach and avery with matching expressions - tongues out and all.

sometimes i worry that i'll make klayton hate me with the things i have him do. i guess i'd deserve it if he did. but doesn't he look cute!?

here's the kiddie sesame street water park. avery loves playing with other kids.

the last day in san diego we hit the beach again, and klayton hit the sand. he worked on this Bellagio remake for FIVE HOURS. my uncle doug took an avid interest in helping klayton this time. they even went to the store to buy rulers and levels and all this junk.

and here are klayton and doug with their finished masterpiece. you should have seen the people all along the beach gawking.
i didn't take hardly enough pictures for a week-long vacation, but we had a blast and avery is sure having a hard time to adjusting to life without all of grandma and grandpa's attention.


Livi said...

That Bellagio sandcastle is OFF THE HOOK and yeah for Klayton for being in the pale club!!

Chadster and Brittster said...

I pooped my pants when I saw Snack, no many how many pictures I see of him, I am shocked! Spencer looks so much like Adam its unreal, but snack looks the most different. That looks so fun, and I was always jealous of how fast you tan! Remember the fake tanning lotion incidents, well yeah, im still rockin that...minus the streaks....

Mickie Ann said...

Avery is so cute in all her pictures... the sandcastle thing was AWSOME!! - Mandy... it kindof is a family thang... at bear lake someone was always spending tons of time building one... our blog will show Jeff doing the same (I haven't finished our bearlake post yet though) Looks like you all had tons of fun !!!

Bethany'sBazodi said...

how fun!!! and baby looks cute as ever. THanks for the birthday shout out!

Frown Like A Thunderstorm said...

Penguins are so hot right now!

Melissa Braegger said...

I heard about the Bellagio remake-that is impressive!!! I love the picture of Avery with your dad and the matching hats.