Tuesday, January 4, 2011

oh honey honey

Call it a New Year's Resolution or just plain common sense, our family has given up all super processed food, refined sugar, and fast food this month! When I was pregnant with Carter and began to hate all food, and I do mean all of it, we started eating out a bit. And then a bit more, all in the name of less prego puking. Fast forward a year and we have been eating out almost daily!! How disgusting is that? Now that I have lost all of your respect, I could give you all of the excuses of how busy we are and how crazy each day has been, especially since Carter was born (more than six months ago! Can you believe it?!), but that doesn't matter. It is time to take back control! 
In the last four days I have made my own granola, bread and graham crackers, shopped for a seemingly-unending mountain of fruits and veggies, and cleaned house, getting rid of all packaged snacks, things canned in syrup, breakfast cereal and other garbage. And it is going great! I feel better and I am so on fire about keeping my family healthy and ending the gross rut we have been in. 
I am hunting for recipes big time, so if you have any good ones or a favorite food blog please send them my way. I hope everyone is having a great month so far and lots of success with your new goals!


Jane said...

turns out, I'm passionate about this stuff. email me and let's get a flow of recipe sharing and ideas going. I'm excited to see how you feel and what changes you make. You can do it. This is great!

Kristine said...

Mandy, that is super super great! i would love to hear about how it goes. and what your favorite recipes and snacks are!

jane had me watch this awesome doc called Food Matters. have you seen it?! amazing stuff. it will pump you up even more!