Thursday, January 13, 2011

picture of health

Okay, I lost my camera (again) so I took this with my phone's camera and the quality is horrible, but this meal was so-o-o good I had to share. I got the recipe here (yeah yeah. I know. Her pics are AMAZING. I'm over it) and did I mention it was so good!!
Since swearing off refined sugar and processed food, I have been feeling great! Despite all of the stress of starting school last week it really has been quite easy. And I have been able to grow as a home cook and shrink as a person (four pounds down! Thanks for nothing, Cheetos.) The list of my "firsts" with this whole experiment keeps growing. Despite the added time it takes to think before I run out the door (to make sure I have meals and snacks for me and the kids. I can't believe how much packaged garbage we used to eat!!), I am loving life. I think I might buy some Birkenstocks and stop shaving. I'll let you know how that goes via grainy cell phone pics. Don't worry. You'll love it.

In the last two weeks I have:
Poached my first egg.
Made my own crackers (who knew they even existed before Nabisco and Zesta!! But, trust me, once you make your own graham crackers you will NEVER go back. Never. I'm tackling Saltines tomorrow. So stinking excited!! And did I mention NO SUGAR? No Splenda, either. I'm talking whole organic stuff!)
Made a "cheesecake" with Greek yogurt, sucanat, cocoa powder, carrots and egg whites. The crust was hazelnuts and my homemade graham crackers ground up with a teensy bit of oil! Mmmmm.
Used my new air popper for the first time. And the second. And third. And fifteenth. Popcorn is now the Official Treat of the Tietjen household.
Made a cauliflower gratin that K and Av ate up, then licked their plates and asked for it again. And again. What was the cheese sauce? 1/2 cup part skim cheese, 1/2 cup skim milk, pureed carrots and a little Parmesan on top. It was bright Velveeta orange! haha No wonder they loved it.
Made two loafs of seven grain whole wheat bread (okay, my mom gave me her bread machine because there is NO WAY that I would have been able to do that. I stink at bread. But it was still delicious!
Made baked GREEN falafels with tahini and cucumbers and lettuce and tomatoes and pita. Mmmmm. They were made with cilantro and parsley (as well as the usual garbanzo beans and garlic and such), hence the greenness. Avery's favorite color is green so she was thrilled!
Purchased a truck-load of veggies and fruit... and haven't thrown one thing out. It's incredible! And a first.
Not skipped one workout and have kept my energy up. Not a first, but it's been a loooong time.

In the next week or two I hope to:
Make my own cheese. I went to a demonstration on how to make mozzarella last year and it looked simple. I can't wait to try it!
Look into better eggs (range free, cage free, etc.??) and meat products. I watched Food Inc. for the first time and I have vowed never to eat another ammonia-washed burger or sad, big-breasted chicken again!
Get my hands on the documentary Food Matters. It comes highly recommended by my friend Jane who is a natural food guru! She even has her own granola company! Check her out.
Try out more homemade handy snacks like Goldfish crackers! I actually found a recipe! I might seem excitable to you, but I have a three year old who is having withdrawals.

My biggest surprise in the last couple of weeks is how little all of us have missed our old, gross, sugar-and-saturated-fat-riddled lives! I thought Avery would have a tough time, but she is perfectly happy when I hand her a banana even if she asked for a GoGurt or chicken nuggets. How are your goals going?


Derek and Lisa Larson said...

Wow! I am impressed by your schedule(post previous) and your new picture of health. I laughed so hard when you said you needed to buy Birks and stop shaving because... let's be honest, that's what the diet sounds like. But hey, whatever works :) And it sounds like its working for you :)

mallory e said...

dang pleaseee teach me how to be good like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i find i get so depressed about englands crappyyyy food that i just turn to the only good thing they have here: chocolate. hah ughh helpppppppp