Tuesday, January 25, 2011

nothing wrong nothing right

Time is moving so quickly! Carter is seven months old!! She is sitting up on her own, army crawling (she ALMOST has the whole hands and knees thing figured out!), eating real food (well... sort of), babbling, playing, laughing and growing like a weed! It is so fun to have a baby who isn't skin and bones (no offense Avery)!!! She is so happy and sweet and easy and I am trying to enjoy every day. If only they would slow down just a little!
Avery is three and three-quarters (don't you miss measuring your age in quarters!?) and I can hardly believe how grown up she is! Of course, that is a double-edged sword since not only is she much more self-reliant, but she is much more head-strong and mischievous. Not a day (or practically five minutes) goes by that I don't have to get after her for painting her entire body with White Out from my backpack, climbing onto the counter and eating a half cup of honey (and spilling the rest on the counter and her clothes), trying to take whatever toy Carter is interested at the moment, washing her hands (and using all of the soap), using the restroom (and using all of the toilet paper) and, well, you get the picture. She wants a GREEN big girl bike for her birthday (green is her absolute favorite color and if you even tease her about liking another color BOY are you in for it!) with Buzz Lightyear on it and a pouch to hold her lip gloss and toys (she has tested said bike out at Toys R Us many times) and she wants a doggy "of my very own!" Oh, and, by the way, she is a professional ice skater (can't even stand on skates without holding onto someone), "cooker" (every time I even set foot in the kitchen she is there pushing a chair along so she can stir and crack and cut and whatever else. Dinner feels more like Mission Impossible than Food Network lately), and big sister. Just ask her.

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