Sunday, December 19, 2010

tri tri again

I have a secret. Oh, don't worry. It's not as embarrassing as it is just plain frustrating. See, I love to compete. And I'm pretty good at it, too. Not really at winning things, but more at turning things into a competition. As this drive has no positive use in my daily life (besides drag racing old ladies through my neighborhood [unbeknownst to them]) I try to ignore it. But every once in a while it comes out. Playing a friendly game of cards with neighbors turns into a nail-biting, trash-talking battle of wills/skills/luck. Even playing K at Donkey Kong Country on the old Super Nintendo at my parent's cabin can result in either a few smug "IN YOUR FACE!"s or quite a bit of pouting, depending on how I fare. To me that whole, "It isn't whether you win or lose, but how you play the game" adage just sounds like something that losers say. Like I said, I try to keep a lid on the crazy, but sometimes I scheme up ways to let it out. I usually regret them. 
This weekend I registered for a race. The first race that I will attempt since a 5k I ran with my (hot) mama on the Fourth of July FIVE years ago. But I didn't register for a 5k. Nope. I signed myself up for a sprint triathlon. ... I know. I think I've really lost it this time. I have always wanted to race a triathlon, and recently a few amazing people have come into my life who have accomplished this feat. One of them has even taken me under her wing and sworn to me that I can do this! And I believe her. ...Totally lost it.
So. I swim, bike and/or run five days a week. I spend my free time reading up on wetsuits and power gels. I have dreams (and nightmares) about crossing the finish line (more often about drowning. Crashing. Burning). I have Googled the words "non-hideous bike shorts" (apparently they don't exist) and have even been seen in public in a rubber swim cap thingy many times (not cute, my friends. Not. Cute.) 
My trainer/friend has made me promise that for every time I tell myself I can't do this, I will tell one person about my race. And since I have had  a hundred negative thoughts this weekend alone, I figured I would count publishing my terrifying and embarrassing goals here for all to see and call it good. So, April 16th (the weekend I finish my first semester back in school! I have lost my mind!!). 7 am. Vegas. Lake Mead. Heaven help me.


Stacy said...
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Stacy said...

You will be Fabulous, and I'm sure you will look just as fab, in a wet suit and swim cap!
Someday I hope to be able to accomplish something crazy like this. HA HA