Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I miss you Blog! Without an easy camera-to-iPad connection I have felt less inclined to post about our amazing Halloween, my dreamy birthday/anniversary trip to Portland or Thanksgiving. I know that's an awful excuse. We are all doing really well here, rest assured. Here is a quick update (I know you're dying for one, dear Blog!)
Avery is playing Pee Wee soccer and really only puts up with it for the treats and high fives at the end of the game. She still loves preschool and is the most beautiful and imaginative kid ever!!, I am absolutely not biased. Why would you ask? Anyway, she is a pro at playing pretend and making up stories. And her logic is completely impenetrable! Example: Avery loves play food and is always inviting me to picnics in her room where she serves soup. Always soup. I have never heard of anyone serving soup at a picnic, but that is beside the point. She also follows me around with a mini suitcase full of play food in case of an emergency picnic. So, this morning when she came up to me with both hand pressing her case closed, she asked me to help close her "soup-case"! How can you argue with that?
Carter is nearly six months old and is getting so big! She rolls around like a little log and is so sweet and happy. Any day now she'll be crawling around and then walking and then driving. I'm just trying to hold on for dear life and enjoy the ride.
Klayton is finishing his latest semester of school, keeping our business running nearly single-handedly and doing wonderfully. Next month I am starting school to (finally!) finish my degree up at BYUI. I don't know how I have the nerve to add one more thing to our crazy schedule, but I am so excited to be able to earn my degree! I have been called as the Assistant Webelos leader (Cub Scouts! ...gulp) in my ward, have joined a women's organization for furthering education and am loving spending time with my family. I've also been writing a lot lately, so sorry if I post a lot of random stuff on you, little blog. We are all getting ready for a wonderful Christmas and I promise to keep in touch more often! Until next time...


Ryan and Meagan said...

WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!

An update without pictures from anyone isdefinitely NOT read, but from you my dear sweet Mandy, OF COURSE I stop and read!

YAY for finishing your degree. I am SO proud of you. Hang in there. It is TOUGH with kids, espec with 2 you crazy woman!

Um Avery and Carter, LOVE them. If anything, post pics of them! Love them!

Mandy said...

Haha Aww thanks Meagan! I'm excited to get back into reading about you and your sweet family! I can't believe how big Brinley is getting!! She's gorgeous!