Thursday, December 2, 2010


My dad was asked by the woman who teaches newspaper and yearbook at my old high school (he is a teacher there) to ask me to write a little something about what I am up to nowadays. Ten years ago this coming Spring Coronado HS opened and I guess she's putting a page in the yearbook with updates from the first graduating class of CHS. I'm paring this down a ton (like, to a paragraph)' but I thought I'd post what I wrote originally here. You know, in case you were bored.

Ten years ago I was a Junior joining a relatively small group that would become the first graduating class of the Coronado High School. That year I played first chair cello in orchestra, joined the Las Vegas Youth Philharmonic (barely scraping by in last chair), and played CHS soccer, finishing a nearly-undefeated season as keeper. I also got my first ticket, nearly flunked my math class, had more than one ridiculous crush and tried desperately to pretend that I was cool (I didn't fool many). During my time at CHS I had amazing opportunities to make friends, mistakes, memories and, in the process, was able to learn some things that I have found useful in the past decade, including how to fool a few more people into thinking I'm cool. Suckers. 

I'm not sure that my accomplishments thus far are terribly impressive, but I have tried to jump into life with both feet. I have been married for six years to a super cute guy with lots of dreams and a weird last name. We both work at a business that we own (which has tripled in size in the past year!) managing properties, including three of our own duplexes. We are also (slowly!) working toward degrees, mine in English, his in French (unfortunately that whole sucking at math thing still applies). We have a four year old little girl named Avery who is healthy and bright and beautiful beyond all reason. We were lucky enough to have another little girl last summer, Carter, who is a living doll and her big sister's number one fan.
As I left for college  my dad gave me some advice that I tried to follow and love to repeat. He told me, "Now is the time for you to be selfish. It might be your only chance to figure out who you are and what you want." Taking that advice has made all of the difference to me. I realized what was important to me and have been able to pursue those talents, values and dreams ever since. I have not followed a typical path or made all the right moves, but I know who I am and what I want. This Fall I signed Avery up for Pee Wee soccer, which she enjoyed more for the treats and high fives at the end of the game than she did the running and kicking. But whether she takes to sports or music, or simply aspires to be a world class mom or employee or friend, I hope she'll do it with all of her heart. Whatever you decide is important to you, I hope you'll do the same.

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Chadster and Brittster said...

You've always been a good writer....good job!

P.S. You fooled me ;-)