Thursday, April 8, 2010


How did I luck into the perfect husband? Seriously, I not only got the cute guy I had a crush on because he was funny and spoke French and played the guitar. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I also got the guy who would work his butt off for our family and bring me flowers and rub my back and run to Wendy's for me at 10pm after 13 straight hours of work and, honestly, not only run into the bathroom when I am puking my guts out (even in my third trimester!! bah!) and hold my hair, but also clean out the sink AND the puke that got in my hair before he arrived. haha I am sorry to share something so super gross, but it's totally something I always want to remember, however twisted that sounds. I keep joking that if he can survive pregnant me then he can handle anything, but, honestly, after hearing all of this, don't you believe it? Poor guy. Thanks for being my own personal Superman, K. Love you.


Syi said...

That is just too sweet!!! That just shows that he really loves you!

bukesova180 said...

You are very lucky! Love is a wonderful thing.

Lydia said...

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