Monday, January 21, 2008


we made it home safely and have settled in as much as we could in a weekend. there is still a bunch to do, and i am so excited to get all our stuff organized! i know it sounds weird, but i totally find going through all of our things really... i don't know, like, cleansing. haha. that sounds really funny but i can't think of a better word. it's good to purge every once in a while, right? unless it's your lunch or something. that's probably not okay. anyway, klayton started work on re-opening the restaurant today, so i pretty much sent him off to work this morning planning on not seeing him until May. he's going to be consumed in getting things together and has set a prospective opening date for mid-Feb. i left our camera at our in-laws last weekend, but i will post pics of our place and the restaurant and the cutest kid ever (aka avery) as soon as i can.

OH! i almost forgot our other piece of big news! yesterday my mother-in-law called and let us know that my father-in-law (who has been a Stake Clerk in Rexburg for a billion years) got the entire family tickets to the dedication of the Rexburg Temple the first weekend of February!!! no, not tickets to the broadcast, but to the ACTUAL dedication. i'm going to be in the same room INSIDE the temple as President Hinckley! i am so stoked. and my in-laws aren't even going! they are going to watch all of the grandchildren and let all of their kids and their spouses go to the dedication. what a great treat. i'd miss the silly old superbowl any day to rub elbows with the Prophet. we all know that the Pats are going to blow the Giants away, anyway. :) so... if you're jealous and you know it clap your hands! :)

sorry- i've been singing songs to the kid too much lately.

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Melissa Braegger said...

Mandy I cannot believe that you have moved back already.:( I am sad because you are futher away again but glad because Klayton has a job again. I wish I was closer so that I could help you with stuff. Moving is such a pain but it is good to purge and organize your things once in a while. That is such an amazing gift that you got from your inlaws. To be in such close proximity to the prophet is so cool. Be sure to say "flapjack" several times while you are in the temple. That is sure to win you extra points:) Was that awful of me to say? Oh well. How is Avery doing? I have to say again that I wish you all were closer to us. We will have to make it up there to visit sometime. Love Ya