Wednesday, January 23, 2008

i hate the tooth fairy

well, earlier this week we found a tooth in avery's little mouth! very exciting stuff... or at least it WOULD be exciting if only she hadn't turned into godzilla to produce it. poor kid. anyway, here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks. she's getting so big!

avery is enjoying having her aunt Mallory close by us in idaho! mallory is an art history major at BYUI and has been down to idaho falls to play with avery lots -- and take a zillion pictures of her! mall's emphasis is photography.

here's avery trying so hard to sit up. she's almost there! a few more training sessions with her baby einstein abs of steel video and she'll be there!

lunchtime! klayton hates feeding avery solids because of how messy she gets. i think it's cute... until she sticks out her squash-covered tongue and blows her food all over me. that's her favorite way of saying "i'm done!"

avery is mesmerised by the camera when we pull it out. she likes it even more when we turn it around and play her video of herself. apparently she realizes how good-looking she is. she gets that err self-confidence from her dad.

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