Sunday, January 6, 2008

me and junie b.

i just have to recommend these amazing books to everyone! klayton introduced me to these books when we were newly married. he would read them to me at night (doing all of the junie b. voices) and i got such a kick out of them. now as i look forward to avery getting bigger and have friends with little school-age girls, i just wanted to let everyone know about them. they are by Barbara Park and they are just amazing. they are like chapter books with training wheels. each book is either Junie B. Jones or Junie B. First-Grader. they have a few black and white pictures inside, but mostly they are for new readers (and make great bedtime stories!). Junie B. Jones ones detail her year in kindergarten, while the first-grader ones are... well... from her year in the first grade. so good. please, check them out. with names like Junie B. Jones and Sneaky Peaky Spying and Junie B. Jones and Yucky Blucky Fruit Cake how can you go wrong?

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Melissa Braegger said...

You are so funny. Next time Klayton is here I want him to read me some Junie B. Jones. :) It was so good to see you and Avery and the folks.