Monday, January 14, 2008

big news

well, we're doing it again. for the second time in two months my little family and i are picking up our lives and moving away. in november, when life kind of fell apart and klayton's parent's restaurant closed (putting klayton, who was waiting at and managing it, out of a job), we decided to move in with my family in las vegas until we could recoup our finances so klayton could go back to school this fall. now we are picking up everything and moving back to idaho. klayton's parents were able to sell the restaurant to a local entrepreneur, and he has hired klayton back to run it. though we both consider idaho our home, we weren't looking for this opportunity, but when the new owner said he'd pay klayton what we asked and worked out some other terms with us, we couldn't refuse. i am so excited to get to go back to idaho, to have my own home again, my own kitchen, my own life. despite being buried in snow this time of year, it really is my home. it's been weird to live with my parents again the last two months, but now i'm super sad as well that we won't be near them. they have been so great to us and we could seriously never repay them for all of the help they've given us. my mom is already getting upset and really bumming me out every time she thinks of not having her grandbaby near. whew, life is complicated. anyway, i just wanted to put this out there. i'm super stressed and tired even thinking about boxing up all of our things again in the next couple of days (that's right, we decided to move on Saturday the 12th, we are moving this Thursday, and Klayton starts work one week from today), so i had to vent some to my little blog. hopefully things will work out. wish us luck!


K8 said...

wow mandy, I really had no idea that moved back home. I am glad that Klayton got his job back! That's wonderful! How much school does he have left? What is he studying? I am excited for you to get back to the burg. Good Luck with packing! I'm praying for you!

KCannonM said...

Thanks for the update! Craziness. I am so happy to hear that you'll be in idaho again. And glad that Klayton will have a good job. I wish you luck on the move it sure is stressful.

love ya

Anonymous said...

WOW! I had no Idea. Luke and I literally just got back from Vegas and I am so sad that I didn't get to see you and the family. So if you are driving home and need a pit stop we are in Payson just off the freeway. If you need to sleep, a meal, bathroom, diaper change, or whatever let me know. The Tietjens are always welcome!

Anonymous said...

So scratch that comment. Unfortunately I didn't look at the date. But we were there and you still are welcome here anytime!