Thursday, January 31, 2008

decision '08

while i am sort of sick of hearing about this election (and we have 8 months to go!), i do want to come out and support my Guy Smiley, Mitt Romney. in a time where the family doesn't mean much to a lot of people, i'm proud that Mitt has taken things this far. it's an uphill climb from here to score the party's nomination for President, but he can do it. there are a lot of uncertain times ahead for us, and i think that Mitt has a better shot than anyone out there at getting us through unscathed. it's not really my thing to get too into politics, but i really think that Mitt is worth getting behind. i just wanted to put this out there because it's a close race and it's up to us to support who we believe to be our best option and try to shape this race and this country's future.

i'm officially stepping off of my soapbox now. go Mitt!

okay, one more thing. how could you not vote for this guy? his name is MITT for crying out loud. how cool is that?

oh yeah - for those of you who missed the Guy Smiley reference...