Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I am sorry to say that I must stand by my original feelings as expressed here about the latest Stephenie Meyer novella, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, which came out on Friday (you can see more, less hostile, thoughts that I had about the whole thing here, but I officially rescind any credit I was trying to give our Stephenie. Sorry). I hemmed and hawed and tried to pretend like I wasn't going to buy it because I think the whole idea is ridiculous, but yesterday I broke down and purchased a copy. 180ish pages later and I definitely wish that my self control was better where Edward is concerned. It's not a horrible story, it's just SO not essential/interesting/novel(lla)-worthy. Ugh. Steph, this is not cool. I am SO not naming my child after you anymore (haha just kidding... mostly).

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Chadster and Brittster said...

To be quite honest I was seriously waiting for your post about it. I saw it at Wal-mart and I flipped through it. It seemed really short, I already knew how it ended, and the name Edward was not anywhere I could see. I decided to just put a hold on it at the library. How could she end on such a low note? Jasper
s story would have been cool, or the Denalis...anybody else!