Friday, June 4, 2010

wishing well

I am in shock that any person can get this huge!! I'm so glad to know that I can carry a baby to term, but I also really really (really really really) want to send this kid an eviction notice, pronto. No "three days to vacate" either. She needs to pack up and get out. haha I've been feeling pretty darn good despite all of my complaining and waddling, but I'm going a little bit crazy some days thinking of all of the things that I am dying to do once this baby comes out! I guess it's my own fault: a huge part of me just expected to have lots of complications. Expected this baby to be a month or two early. It's the only way I've ever known! So I feel like I've been pregnant WAAAAY too long. My fault. But maybe if I write down some of my daily fantasies they will stop haunting my every thought!! Here I go.
  • Work out. Seriously, I know it's nerdy and if I had been a little less cautious with this pregnancy I could at least sit down and stand up without sounding like a 90 year old man, but I am going to hit the gym SO HARD in a couple of months! I dream about it. Literally, I do. Sweating and lifting weights and running sound like just about the best things ever invented right now, even if I'll have to do it in a parka until January to keep people from seeing my awesome post-pregnancy body.
  • Get out of town. I am willing to go anywhere. ANYWHERE. I just need to get out of Idaho for a bit. I'm bummed to miss my family's annual beach trip in a couple of weeks, not to mention my baby brother's high school graduation and my mom's [50th! Shhh Don't tell her I told you] birthday, but I can deal if I just focus on going somewhere in a few months. Anywhere. But. Here.
  • Tie my own shoes.
  • Kidding about the last one.
  • Sort of.
  • Hold this baby in my arms (if I can ever get her to leave my rib cage). This is definitely number one on my list! I can't wait to hold her and name her and feed her and put all of the cute clothes that are just waiting in her closet on her!! My friend, Jessica, came by with her 3 week old baby a few days ago and she was so teeny and cute! And Avery was sooooo sweet to her. It made me melt. I am so excited to make Avery a big sister. She is going to be a darn good one.

I can make it. Just a couple more weeks...


Kristine said...

Come Visit me in Orange County!!!

i can only imagine what its like to be pregnant...and wow....those final weeks sound rough. its so great that this baby has made it full term! you're a rockstar!

Holly said...

I'm lovin the picture you posted a few days ago, you look hot! The last few weeks are awful, hang in there:)