Friday, June 11, 2010

tick tock

In less than one week I will be a mother of two! Wahoo!! I can't wait to meet this little kid and ask her why she would want to hang out inside of me for 9 whole months! She already has more patience than her sister and me. Probably combined. I am trying not to think about doing the whole c-section thing again. It's quite scary. But Avery had to get shots at her three-year-old check up a couple of weeks ago, and to soothe her I told her that I had to get a BIG shot in my back when the baby comes. The little stinker, it totally made her feel better. But now she brings it up when we talk about the baby! *Gulp* I also told her the baby will need a shot, to which she replied, "The baby is going to cry. And throw up." which was Avery's reaction to her shots. haha Well, we'll see.
I'm scheduled to be in surgery at noon this Thursday! And all I can remember is how you can't walk for forever after surgery and how you even need help in the shower and how gross a catheter is and how badly I wanted to punch Klayton while they were operating on me with Avery because he kept saying, "Whoa! Do you want to know what they are doing?" and I was like "NO YOU PSYCHO!!!" (haha) and how bad the incision burns once the meds wear off! Wow, I'm a ray of sunshine, huh? But did I mention that I'm seriously SO EXCITED to meet this baby!? I just need to focus on that!
Sorry if you are so sick of blog posts in this vein. Honestly, I am sick of thinking about all of this constantly. After this Thursday perhaps I can FINALLY focus on something (ANYTHING!) other than this pregnancy! Yay! Until then your prayers are appreciated!! I just might need 'em.


Chadster and Brittster said...

Just have Klayton pick up some vampire venom and stab it in your heart. After three days you'll be fine.

Holly said...

You are in my prayers, hope everything goes well. Can't wait to see pictures of the new baby:) Good luck!

Little Farmer Family said...

Hang in there!!! :) The last week is the hardest but you made it!! I love your new background!!!