Monday, February 15, 2010


One down, ten million to go on my To Do Before Baby #2 Comes list!! Avery is sleeping in her very own big girl bed (with the 20 stuffed animals [oh, there are more under the covers. lots more.], four blankies, and drink of water that she always sleeps with. She is one quirky girl). In the corner is her brand new (to us) dresser that my parents brought us this weekend. It's covered in stickers (for now) but it's huge and is going to work great with two kids junk in it!! Baby prep is going great!! Now if only I could convince Avery that diapers suck and the potty rules!! No luck so far, but I'm keeping hope alive!


Kaja said...

i had a hard time potty training renee. it'll just take time. see if you can get her playing with kids that are potty trained and so she can see them use the potty. the whole example thing is the best way (in my opinion).

Spencer and Holly said...

Yay, good job Avery! So cute, I love how much stuff she has with her in bed; you'd think she would feel a tad claustrophobic. Good luck with the rest of the baby prep, potty training Avery would be great. Having two kids in diapers at the same time gets a little spendy...and it makes your trash can pretty nasty; not to mention the looks you get leaving Sam's Club after stocking up and having two carts full of diaper boxes:)

Christine Andrews Anella said...

Your blog is so cute!!!! And you are right, life does always seem to happen to me as well while I am off in some corner making my best plans and most honorable intentions. But, ohwell!
You can check out my blog at
Potty training is hard- but kids are amazing. When my son was ready- it just kind of happened- and there was no looking back.
God bless!

Melissa Braegger said...

This scene looks familiar-glad she is sleeping in her big bed:) Keep up on the potty training but I've decided it doesn't matter what you do because kids will do it when they want. McKenna is fine with practice potty time now but we took her potty away after a horrible two days of trying to potty train her. Some kids are just go with the flow and do it easily and some fight it tooth and nail. I'll keep hope alive for the both of us. I hope you are feeling great and getting all the rest you need. Hopefully you get to plan and successfully carry out Avery's birthday party. Sounds like a great time and fyi you are not allowed to move to North Carolina. Arizona is nice:) They have hurricanes there you know:) Love ya