Wednesday, February 10, 2010

life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans

I love making plans!! It's so fun. Seriously, the only thing that could possibly be more fun than planning something fun is to do that fun something!! Wow, that was a hall of fame sentence, there. Anyway, lately I have been scheming more than usual. I think I have upped the ante on making plans due to this equation:
winter blues + pregnancy hormones + Klayton working 80 hours a week = planningplanningplanningplanning
Here are some of the best laid plans of mice, men and me:
  • Planning a two-day trip on K's days off to SLC [as far away as I dare go with my preg ban on travelling (Sorry Portland!!! You are the love of my life and my first choice, but you're too darn far away!!)] to stay in a hotel, swim with Avery, visit friends, and eat breakfast at Paradise Bakery [oatmeal with strawberries and banana!], lunch at Rumbi [brown rice spicy Hawaiian teriyaki with shrimp and extra veggies!], and dinner at... somewhere. I'm open to suggestions here. We're going down in a couple of weeks! Happy late Valentines Day to me!
  • Planning a move. I love Idaho but I don't love being cooped up indoors 4 months out of the year. Not cool. I don't know if we're gutsy enough (what would my mother say?), but while it's snowy and miserable (I really shouldn't complain. It's been quite a mild winter.) I am constantly making plans for our move. To the South. I've been chatting with my beautiful friend Meagan about North Carolina and it sounds ah-maz-ing. No, I've never been there, but that only makes it more exciting! We also want to check out Charleston and Savannah and... wherever! I'm not picky. When will we move? Yeah, that's the problem. Probably not for another year or two, but until then I get to keep making plans!! And that includes planning a trip to visit those places to see if we can picture ourselves as Southerners (this step is mostly for Klayton. I am totally destined to be a Southern woman [I am definitely cut out for wearing an apron 24/7, fattening up Grandchildren, and sitting on my porch]).
  • Planning on baby #2! Picking a name (no luck yet). Arranging the furniture. Getting out Avery's old clothes. Wondering why on earth I saved so much junk. REarranging the furniture. Reading books to Avery about the joys of being the Big Sister. Putting the furniture back where I had it. Etc.
  • Planning Avery's epic 3rd Birthday Party! I am decided on a Yo Gabba Gabba theme and I can't wait. She's going to flip. She has converted all of my siblings (the youngest of which is 18, mind you) to the show (I'm pretty sure my older brother, Adam, has bought the DVDs. He has no children.) and a lot of them are planning on coming up as well as my Grandmas (one from St. George, UT, one from Gilbert, AZ), my little cousin, Jessica, my parents... everyone. It's going to be a party (in my tummy! haha). The stressful part of planning this? The perinatologist says he'll most def be delivering me 2 to 4 weeks early!! That means that all of my planning could go out the door and I could be having baby girl #2 right around that weekend!! Gulp. Avery's 3rd Birthday: May 16th. Baby due date: June 20th. Double Gulp.
  • Planning a special Valentines Date this weekend while Klayton is at work. Muahahaha! ...Okay, so it's nothing to evil laugh about, but I still can't wait! My mom just told me that she, my dad and Zach are coming up this weekend with more hand-me-down furniture for us and the baby's room (Yay! Thank you!! More to rearrange!!). So that, along with a movie date Saturday with my fam and my besties, the Chandlers, means that I'm planning on having one heck of a Valentines Day Weekend! Wahoo!
  • Planning on getting out of credit card debt before the baby comes! And then getting into a heck of a lot more debt when the baby comes! But still, we have a plan. A good one. Until the hospital bill comes. haha

I have about 1,000 more plans that I'm cooking up for the present, the near-future and beyond! I realize that my obsessive planning is probably indicative of life being sort of grin-and-bear-it sometimes right now, but I'm really okay with that. Klayton and I have always been major planners/dreamers/schemers. I love looking to the future and finding ways to make the most of everything right now!


Spencer and Holly said...

Hey Mandy! It's Holly Elbert (Hirt now), I was doing a little bit of blog stalking and found your blog! I love your plans, and can easily relate. I'm constantly making plans, it helps brighten my day:) Congratulations on baby #2!

Sam and Livi said...

mandy your hapiness and joy makes me feel more positive!!! i love your plans and it makes me excited to make more plans of my own :)

Mr. and Mrs. Briggs said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY The south rocks!!! Hey, we're planning on staying in the south even if you don't move, come and visit and we'll show ya around Charleston and all the hot spots!

Planning is the way to go.

PS can Ryan and I come to the Yo Gabba Gabba party? We L-O-V-E Yo Gabba Gabba! DJ LANCE!! (Moono...)

Kristine said...

wow. you sound like a busy girl. making plans is fun! and exciting! and how fun for you guys if you move to the South!

ok. if you are coming to UT holler! i want to see you!

and i can give you a great list of places to eat!

Kaja said...

you can always move to oklahoma..haha! i have this scary feeling that we'll never leave. the south is great though.. i love the speed of life...SLOOOOOOOW!

Tyson K said...

Just passing through! Tyson is a great Gl with it all