Sunday, February 28, 2010

oh baby

Our little two-day trip to SLC this week was so much fun! It was great to spend some quality family time outside of our home. We went swimming, ate out, visited friends and family, saw some fun sights, and had a great time with our cell phones (okay, mine doesn't ring all that often. Klayton's, on the other hand...) off!

Here's a pic of K and Av at the Church History Museum across from the SLC Temple. If you haven't been (this was K's first time. I was shocked! This was my fav as a kid.), go! They are in a bunk like those on the ships the early English Saints used to come to America.

If you have been to the museum, but not since having kids, GO! They have a new exhibit just for kiddies on the top floor. Avery didn't want to leave... ever. Here she is building a temple out of blocks, playing bean bag toss with the three degrees of heaven, and holding the iron rod heading toward the Tree of Life. They also had a huge Nativity where you could dress up and get in on the action, a quilting table, lots of things to color, and a few puzzles, all with Gospel themes. Super cute. And free!!! You can't beat that.
Aver was excited for our trip because we don't her there would be swimming involved. The kid is a fish.
Wednesday we headed into SLC to take a train ride! There is a big double-decker train that rides between SLC and Ogden about every half hour, and, since Avery is a toddler and is, therefore, obsessed with anything with wheels, we decided to take her on a train ride! She loved it (though she was a bit disappointed that it didn't go Choo Choo). In Ogden there is also a big train museum that Avery and K went through while mommy took a little nap on a bench in the foyer of the museum like a bum. haha Here she is getting ready for the train to go, reading the train schedule, and posing in the museum (she thinks that when you say CHEESE for a picture that to successfully smile you have to squinch your face up like that. It's really hard to get a decent picture of her lately. haha).

I wish I had taken more pictures, but it was a great time! Wednesday night we went down to Provo and had dinner with Carson and Shellena, then went to a nickle arcade with them, Brookie, Aaron and Addison. PS Nickle arcade = soooo fun. Now we get to concentrate on willing Spring to get here faster, filling lots of vacancies (K's Property Management business is BOOMING and we are struggling to keep up [this is a good thing... I think :)]), Spring cleaning, more baby prep, and lots of naps. Bring it on, March!

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Kristine said...

so glad you had a good time. looks like fun.
wish we could've gotten together. we'll have to one of these days!

and congrats to klaytons business success!