Saturday, June 14, 2008

who knows how long i've loved you

i just wanted to do a Father's Day shout out. and then some.

first, to my wonderful hubby. this is his second father's day, but he spent his first sleeping in a vinyl arm chair in the hospital by avery's incubator, so it really didn't count! klayton is the most amazing father because:
-he knows just how to tickle avery to make her giggle and squeal every time
-he has changed nearly as many dirty diapers as i have, he fed avery in the middle of the night for the first 9 (yipes!) months of her life, and he watches her every day so i can go to the gym and keep sane. in other words, his Father of the Year award is in the mail.
-he loves to take the last night feeding so he can hold avery as she sleeps (the ONLY time that she is ever still) for as long as he likes.
-he still looks at avery with the same awed love in his eyes today as he did when she was just a teeny, tube-injected miracle.

avery and i are both so lucky to have klayton, and we both love him immensely.

secondly, i would like to tell my own papa that i love him so much. my dad is the coolest. he is a sweet grandpa (though he is SUPER old. seriously, Bishop. next year avery is getting you a walker for VD Day) to little avery and has always been my source of guidance, Spiritual and otherwise. i look up to him a ton, and i hope that i make him proud of me. above all, though, i am glad to know that he secretly can't live without me because i am the only one who get his jokes! love you papa

since i missed blogging on both mother's day AND my mom's birthday last weekend, i also have to give her a shout out. MOM! i love you so much! everything strong and feisty and unconditionally loving in me comes from you. you are the most amazing person that i know - you juggle everything you do so well, and you do so much! when i take things on, whether it's trying to magnify my church callings or keep my house better or to serve others, you are my measuring stick. and on top of all of that, you are Super Grandma! thanks for always taking care of us, mama. love you.

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