Wednesday, June 4, 2008

you will be the death of me

whew! the past couple of weeks have been a blur. between working on the new menu that i'm coming up with for Leatherby's, taking care of avery, reading non-stop, and planning movie dates, today feels like the first day that i've really been home in a long time! and it feels good! i got to gather things for the garage sale that my mother-in-law is having in rexburg on saturday, hang some beautiful art (pictures that my sister took this winter), rearrange avery's room and put old baby toys in storage, and answer emails! and i did it all in sweats and a t-shirt! yay for a lazy home day! here's an update:

so... leatherby's first. klayton and i have been at the restaurant every morning for the past month, avery in tow, having hamburgers and sandwiches and fries for breakfast (disgusting, i know!!), to test the recipes i have created for the new grill menu at leatherby's that launches June 20th! anyone in the idaho falls area needs to come on in and try out my food! it's amazing!! then again, i may be a bit biased... i'll just be glad when it is over and everyone raves about my creations and i don't have to spend my mornings grilling burgers and frying up jalapeno poppers.

avery! wow! in the last week avery has been so fun! she has always been fun, but her personality has EXPLODED in the last few days. i feel like i spend my entire day laughing with her. she claps, she laughs, she blows kisses, she blows raspberries, she shakes her head, she dances... i can't keep up! i seriously have an INSANE urge to keep her awake even when she's ready for a nap so we can keep playing. being avery's mom is the coolest!

amid all of this i have been bitten by an insatiable urge to read constantly. lately (as i have made everyone aware) it's been the Twilight series, which is fantastic no matter how many times i greedily tear through it, dying for more each time i finish. i am in the middle of Anne of Green Gables now, after a trip to the library yesterday, and i am loving it as well. please please tell me your favorite book so i have fuel for my reading frenzy this summer. i plan on tackling Wuthering Heights next, followed by the Eragon series, because i've heard they are good.

i've spent any leftover time that i have had either with my sisters-in-law, mandy and mackenzie. we watch movies, gush about Edward, go out to eat, etc. or with maria, doing pretty much the same thing (but with maria it's watching so you think you can dance [she's trying to convert me to that show] and gilmore girls). those girls are the best and i love them sooo much. mandy and i have been trying to show kenny some classic movies (well, classic to us) the past few weeks and that's been lots of fun too. we've tackled Some Kind of Wonderful, Oscar, and Only You in the last couple of weeks, and we're watching Housesitter tomorrow.

again, whew. now that you are caught up on my life, with a ridiculous amount of superfluous details to be sure, i hope that everyone out there that i've neglected recently is doing well. much love to all!

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Frown Like A Thunderstorm said...

Wow! You are making up recipes for the menu huh!? That is so great! You are living out your dreams. So tell me then, how did they all turn out? According to your blog, they have officially launched. Was the launch pad crawling with reporters and scientists and all that?