Sunday, June 15, 2008

edward, gilbert, ian and eragon

just an update on my book reading frenzy.

i finished the Twilight series (for the second time in the last month) a week ago. again, if you have not read these books, i will send a vampire or a smelly werewolf after you. i posted about this a month ago, and i actually got someone to read Twilight for the first time! yay!! thanks Britt! she wrote this about it (sorry i'm bragging, but... okay, i'm not sorry): "So I took your advice and read Twilight-loved it-and by 'it' I mean too cool for school Edward... but I figured there was only that one. You can't believe my excitement when I realized that there are two more! It's going to be a great week!!! Thanks for the tip..." yay for Twilight fans!

next i re-read Anne of Green Gables. this was my favorite book in elementary school and i saw the PBS mini-series back then, too, but reading this book is such fun! as soon as i tackle some others on my list, i'm going to move on in the Anne series. i have never read the others and i can't wait to find out what happens! not by any means a burning desire to know, but i love getting sucked into Anne's world.

i picked up Wuthering Heights next, but quickly decided that it wasn't for me. maybe i'm just not in the mood for two mean, selfish main characters whose only redeeming quality is their love for each other. i just can't do depressing things lately. like klayton brought home the clean flicks version of Sweeny Todd this week, thinking that i would love it because i generally love all musicals, but by the end of it i had such a yucky feeling. cool story, great songs, perfect movie-making, but... yuck. anyway, i got a few chapters into Wuthering Heights and needed a pick-me-up (but if you love this book and it is worth finishing, please let me know. i don't want to miss out because i'm a wuss!). i didn't have time to run back to the library, so...

i grabbed my copy of Stephenie Meyer's latest, The Host. this one isn't in the Twilight series, but it was good the first time, so i picked it up again. i was super surprised to find it even super better the second time! grab a copy of this one. Steph is the queen of love triangles, action, suspense, and weirdness.

i finished that yesterday, and, as soon as i dropped klayton off at work last night, i took the last $10 that we have until klayton gets paid again (tomorrow) and went to target. i wandered around for a while (i could spend a million bajillion dollars at target) until i found a paperback copy of Eragon (i think i am immature - everything i read is in the YA section). i got it for about $9 and started into it last night. so far, so good. i picked this up to return the favor to Britt and read one she recommended, and i'm excited to see where it goes. i also plan to find a copy of The Historian, a vampire book that Livi recommended, and i can't wait! if anyone else has any favorite books to recommend, please do!


Livi said...

SO my brother reads Eragon and I tried to read them once and it didnt quite work out. Maybe I should try again. I love Wuthering Heights but thats probably more because I'm obsessed with the Bronte Sisters and weird because I have never met anyone else who likes that book. My suggestion: skip to the 1992 movie with Juliette Binoche and Ralph Fiennes. Still depressing but a great film.

Chadster and Brittster said...

So I am going to girls camp this week (girls camp director) and I will totally be reading Eclipse with a flashlight like we did with HP #4 when you killed Cedric!

Good times....

Eragon takes a little bit to get into so be patient, it was really good when I was in my mystical elf fantasy kick.

Frown Like A Thunderstorm said...

Nice book update! I've been reading like a fiend also (yes, fiends read. But when they go all-out, what do they read like? Fiend: "Lately, I've been reading like a muppet!") You should check out I really enjoy it. Of course, it's just another "profile" to keep updated, but still fun. My profile is: I'm going to be reading the Meyer books too soon. Jenna loves them and I want to see the movie with her and enjoy it with her and whatnot.