Wednesday, June 8, 2011

if you don't know, now you know

Today is my mom's blankety-blank birthday!!! ...What? You think I'd divulge her age to you!? I don't have a death wish.Just kidding! haha Sorry, I had to. Love that pic. Anyway...
I thought you should be let in on this special occasion because, I have got to tell you, my mom is a pretty special person. She is the kind of person who has been happily married to her sweetheart for nearly 30 years (this February!!).
She is the kind of person that puts her family above all else. I mean, we're a super good-looking group, so you can't really blame her. But when we open our mouths!? That's when you have to give her lots of credit for putting up with us.
She is the kind of mom who would make a usually six-hour drive from Vegas to SLC in about three-and-a-half when her daughter took a little LifeFlight down the the U of U Hospital, just so she could be there when she got out of emergency surgery. Just so she could be the first person to lay eyes on her two-pound granddaughter and be the first person to fall in love with her. She is the kind of person who would only leave after things were stable. Who would make that drive about six more times in the next two months just to hold that baby and make sure her daughter wasn't alone.
She is the kind of grandma who makes her granddaughter feel special every minute they spend together. Who comes up to Idaho in the freezing cold or stifling air-conditioner-less heat. The kind who has never missed a birthday or special occasion.
The kind of grandma who is there for the birth of each subsequent grandchild. Who calls every other day to hear the new things that her babies are up to, just so she won't miss a single funny story or milestone.
The kind of person who is so insanely busy with work and service, but who will ditch that stuff to plan special activities with her family. Who will go to the blazing hot desert to check out a petting zoo that her grandkids will love, or who will hang at Disneyland for 11 hours in the pouring rain with her granddaughter to make sure she gets the chance to meet Tinker Bell and ride all of the rides. Twice.
She is the kind of mom who would come out to that same blazing desert to watch her daughter sweat, even though she thinks said daughter is crazy/masochistic.
She is the kind of person I am trying to be like. She is my best friend and champion, and she backs me up no matter what. I love her with all of my heart, I am grateful for her selfless service and love, and I want to be just like her when I grow up. Happy Birthday Hot Mama (she's freaking hot, right? I mean, it's not just me?) Love you.


Kristine said...

what a beautiful tribute! you're mom is amazing!!! and beautiful! you two are identical. wow.. . i love it. you're a lucky dtr and your girls are lucky grandkids.

Derek and Lisa Larson said...

That's sweet :) Your mom is an amazing woman.

Josh, Lundyn, Quincy and Brylee Stuart said...

Sweetest post ever. You look so much alike!

Bret and Britni said...

I love Paula!!! She is amazing. I'm so glad I know the Clark Family!!