Friday, May 27, 2011

you filthy animal

Yesterday was Avery's last day of preschool!! It has been a good year, but I am so ready for the summer!!
...unfortunately Idaho is not.
It was about 40 degrees out yesterday when we all packed up and went to the zoo with Avery's class. We were supposed to have a picnic in the park afterward, but we all headed back to the school and ate lunch on the floor of the gym instead.
Here are a few pictures of me freezing my bum off.
Of course we had to visit the monkeys. Those guys are awesome.

K loves getting candid shots of me. How do I like it?
Not so much.


Meagan said...

Candid shots are the best! That looks like a sweet stroller....seriously, umbroller's are the way to go. I never want a big stroller again!!!

I miss the zoo! The closest zoo to here is 2 hours away.

Kristine said...

yep. hot mama!

idaho is so coooold! wishin you warmer weather!