Thursday, May 12, 2011

days go by

Hey y'all! Man it has been a while! Beginning a new semester, having left my camera in Las Vegas and planning the Birthday Party of the Century (coming up in two days!!) have all caused me to ditch my blog. And that's no fun. Nor is it healthy, I believe. I hope that posting a little something (instead of paying rapt attention to my math professor) will help me make it through the next few crazy days.
My little sister sent me just a few (TEASE!) pictures from our family photo shoot in Vegas and I thought I would share my favorite. I love this one because we all look just a little bit kooky, which is an exact portrayal of my little fam if you ask me! My camera is returning to me along with the arrival of my parents, Mallory and Giles tonight! I promise to let you all in on the birthday bash and do a bit better at getting onto the blog and writing to you.

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1 comment:

Kristine said...

i can't Wait to see more of these pictures. This one is Adorable!!!

and the birthday party is sounding amazing. pics asap. hope you have a great time with the fam in town!