Thursday, April 28, 2011

i guess i'll just begin again

Sorry to keep going ON and ON about my race.
I mean, I'm not THAT sorry.
It WAS pretty amazing.
Here are the rest of the pictures I have from the event.
I can't wait for my next race!! I'm officially hooked.

Here's my walking with my awesome bike and all of my transition gear before the race begins. I love Las Vegas!

Gearing up! I was soooo nervous!! Can you tell? I borrowed the wet suit from my friend Camie. Sexy, right?

Here the nervousness almost crossed the threshold from "Butterflies" to "I think I'm going to puke." I look fly in my swim cap, though, so that's a plus!
The swim was the leg of the race that I thought I would complete the most-easily. I mean, I'm a good swimmer. What's so hard about 750 meters in a lake?
But at 7am with 1000 other racers around me as I looked out at the dark, deep lake, I had second thoughts. Then, when I got in and it was SUPER chilly, I kinda started to freak.
The swim ended up being my WORST leg. By far. Not that it took me longer than the bike or run, but I am pretty sure I was hyperventilating and breast-stroking with my head above water (instead of the freestyle I spent hours in the pool practicing!!) 90% of the swim. Not cool. But at least my next race I can't do much worse on the swim!

Next was twelve miles on my bike. K got a picture of me on my beautiful bike, but it's hideous (me, not the bike), so you don't get to see that one. The course was crazy hilly and for the first few minutes I was really struggling mentally, but I just sang "Ready to Start" by Arcade Fire to myself to keep my legs peddling and after a while frustration and fear turned to pure bliss. I don't know how else to describe it. Pretty much all I can remember is how amazing it felt once I hit the half-way peak and got to turn around and whiz down the huge hill that I had just crested on my way back to transition. I was smiling ear to ear. And singing out loud at times. But only when no one else was around. Mostly.
My bike is the best ever and I love it and we had a really great day together, me and my bike. Which I love. A lot.

The last leg is the run; 3.1 miles. The first mile of the course was desert and rocks and holes and insanity! I couldn't believe it. They definitely didn't include that little tidbit in the race info! I have never run on sand before and I'm pretty sure I thought I was going to eat it big time. But I was able to keep that blissful feeling going from my ride and stuck out the run, which turned out to be a piece of cake. I have been training on the indoor track at BYUI and doing three miles of around and around and around felt like a big accomplishment. Out in the desert it kind of just felt cathartic. That's a weird thing to say, but it's true. I sang "How Firm a Foundation" in my head on this leg (though my foundation at the moment was anything but firm. stupid rocks.) and felt so blessed to have my body and the ability to do the race and friends and family who love me and were cheering for me. If I almost had a mental breakdown on the swim then I just about had an emotional one on the run. But in a good way.

Before I shut up about this stupid race forever I just want to say thank you to all of my bloggy friends who were rooting for me. I thought about you when I was feeling discouraged or tired or fat or whatever. You helped me do this. And I'll be forever grateful. I love you guys!


Meagan said...

GO MANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am SO inspired by you. Heck---I've ALWAYS been inspired by you. Triathalon or not. You are such an amazing person.

Okay, back to the race. Pretty sure I would have peed in the lake with being SO stressed and nervous. You look SO legit. I love it. Does everyone wear caps? I always felt SO lame when I had to wear one for summer swim team when I was like 13. I mean come on, who wants to wear that when their swim coach is a BABE??? yaaa not me!!

Good for you girl. Keep it up! I haven't found my "working out" nitch yet, but I'm looking for it!!!

Derek and Lisa Larson said...

I say talk about it all you want! It's a great accomplishment. way to go!

Trisha said...

I wanted the post to be longer! I wanted more of the details :)

You are awesome!!!

. said...

way to go! i totally want to do a triathalon...only problem being that i literally don't know how to swim! i'm about to start training for another half marathon though. you should do the park city one with me...august

mattb said...

Just came across your blog and I'm loving the tri pics- especially the "swim cap" pics ha. I just started working to get my high school swimmers ready for a two-mile ocean swim this summer- YOU SHOULD JOIN US!

Anyway-congrats! Such a rad accomplishment!
Ps where and what type of bike did you get?

Mandy said...

TWO MILES!?! Matty I would LITERALLY die doing that! haha And in the ocean, too. *shudder* I AM buying a pass to Rigby Lake in a couple of weeks, though, so I can train in open water and not FREAK next time!! I need a wetsuit first, though. hmm.... Anyway, I love that you have a swim team! So fitting. Every time I go into the pool @ BYUI I think of you and Mike and trying to brawl with the girls cheering for the other water polo team! They totally deserved it.