Monday, April 25, 2011

herr did

When I was in Vegas last week I got my hair did by my little sister-from-another-mister, Mrs. Stephanie Angulo. She and my baby sis have been besties since kindergarten!! Anyway, she is an amazing stylist and hair person (I have no idea what to call it! sorry), and she even hooked me up with a hot pink feather hair extension thing! I'm so hip now. Seriously, I'm fooling EVERYONE into thinking I'm cool. It's pretty much a miracle.
Anyway, her husband, Trevon, has a photography/videography studio (Canico Studios) and he came out to help Mallory, also a very talented photog, take pics of our family in a park in Henderson (coming soon!) on Friday evening, and to take pics for Stephanie's hair-persony portfolio. Here's how the portfolio pics turned out. What do you think!?


Kristine said...

whoa! hot mama! looking gooood!

Meagan said...

I LOOOVE it!!! The curly is amazing on you!!

Jane said...

Ow owwwwww!!! (cat calling) you look super hot girl!