Friday, May 20, 2011

know ya boo

Is it weird that I miss my little sister even more now that she lives down in Las Vegas instead of ONE BAZILLION miles away in England!?Yeah, you're right.
It is weird.
It's just, like, now it feels like we are finally close enough to hang.
But we are not.
I should be glad that I got to see her last month in Vegas.
And last weekend here in Idaho.
But I'm not.
Because today I would really like to watch Troop Beverly Hills with her and Do the Freddy.
Or What About Bob, then eat a meal and only say MMmm and Oohh the entire time.
Or Strictly Ballroom, because I feel the rhythm. And I'm not scared.
Or BAPs, so that if I see L. L. two more times, it's on!

...yeah. We're nerds.


Meagan said...

Why did they move???? That's awesome!!! You guys have twinner smiles :-) beautiful! Her little baby boy is adorable too. That's fun to have your babies close in age!! Brinley has a boy cousin 6 months older and one 6 months younger than her. She is in midst of 5 boy cousins, and no girl cousins yet!!!

We LOOOOVE What About Bob!!! "Is that corn hand shucked??"

Mandy said...

Haha. Thanks Meagan! You're the sweetest. They moved because basically America is the best and England is rainy and cold and has really bad food! Even though I think they are kind of crazy (the accent alone is worth staying for!) I am so glad they are close. Baby Giles is a sweetie!!