Saturday, January 9, 2010

holiday. celebrate.

Avery, Rocky and I drove down to Las Vegas the day after Christmas to spend some time with my family there. K had to work ridiculous hours all through Christmas and New Years, so we decided to ditch him. Sorry again, love!

Mallory and Josh were in town from England and my two younger brothers were home, and Adam and K came just after New Years for more fun. It was awesome to have the whole family together in one place!! Who knows when it will happen again. We took advantage and Mallory (the photographer extraordinaire) took a family picture. I can't wait to see it!

We had an amazing time. Before K came we went to Disneyland and saw a bunch of family and saw friends and relaxed and went to the park with the dogs (Avery took lots of advantage of the 65 degree weather. Why do we live in this snow-covered, below-freezing mess???) When Adam and K arrived, we had Christmas morning at 11pm on the Sunday after New Years (so crazy and fun) and we saw more friends, went to The Tournament of Kings with Mallory and Josh, K got in a motorcycle accident, our car broke down, we got stranded, and Mallory and Josh had to drive the 10 hour drive home with us and then take my mom's car back to Vegas the next day (they are my heroes!!) haha. Okay, that last stuff wasn't fun at all, but it was still a great trip.
We are really glad to be home, but I miss my family already!

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