Tuesday, September 6, 2011

miracles never cease

Please go see this movie. 
Seriously, I will babysit your children or pet or stamp collection. I will do your visiting teaching for you. I will run your errands. Just so you can go. You need to see it. And when you do, bring one big box of tissues. 
Per person.
It looks super dramatic from this preview, but this film is very well made. And the reminder of what those people went through with so much faith was a welcome one. It helped me to look for the hand of the Lord in my life in the past week. And I have seen it, too. A lot.
I think that having grown up in the church sometimes makes it easy for me to be jaded by yet another story of pioneer perseverance, but the parallels between their struggles and ours, though so different in content, help me to know that if I stay strong and faithful then I can get through my trials, counting the miracles along the way.
David O. McKay once said, "The most important of life's battles is the one we fight daily in the silent chambers of the soul." I feel like that is especially true today, with so many intangible evils to face. Seeing the story of these people, how they faced evil and overcame, how they banded together, how they humbled themselves, reminds me that Satan is so real. The good news, though, is that he can and will be overcome! Each time I do my part to ignore the thoughts that say I'm not good enough, strong enough, smart enough, pretty enough, or kind enough, I count it as a battle victory. These mental trials might make me feel absolutely crazy some days, but I know that discouragement is the greatest tool the adversary uses against me. This fight is real, and the example of the pioneers helps me have courage to keep fighting.
Anyway, see it. You'll like it.


ashlyn106 said...

I looked it up, and this movie isnt even playing in my area. Dang Sin City. :(

Meagan said...

Thanks for the recommendation!! It looks amazing. I also love that quote by President McKay. I have always found "trials" so interesting because even though we can't imagine going through something as hard as the pioneers, I wonder how they would feel living our lives and the battles we face daily, especially the challenge of marriage, the family and the home. We have to be immovable and stand strong. I need to do what you do and remind myself of my strengths everyday. A daily mantra. Lets do it girl.

Derek and Lisa Larson said...

I saw it in July when it was here in So. Utah. It is an excellent film : )