Wednesday, September 21, 2011

isn't it neat?

You guys. 
The weekend was spectac.
...I thought that would be a super cool way to say spectacular. 
It wasn't. 
My apologies. 

Anyway, we drove down to St. George on Friday where we met up with my parents, Aunt Diane, Uncle Doug and cousins, Jacob and Jessica, to hit up Tuacahn to see The Little Mermaid (SO fantastic). K and Carter headed straight up to the cabin because they were BEAT! Poor kids.
 After a few hours of sleep at the cabin, we then went into Zion's National Park to embark on an EPIC hike (more to come). Then we loaded up a UHaul full of furniture that my parents and grandma handed down to us (thank you!!!) and drove back home, where we pulled in around 10am Sunday morning. No joke. It was a crazy trip. 
Could I be more tired this week?
Could the girls have had a better time?
Could it have been any more worth the insanity? 

Here are a few pics from the show at Tuacahn. Isn't my little princess the sweetest?


Meagan said...

How neat!!!!

PS you look STUNNING! Loving the longer hair!

Bret and Britni said...

Wasn't Sebastian freaking AMAZING?! I saw the show two months ago and that little crab blew my mind. Seriously, this was a great show. Glad you guys got to go!