Saturday, September 24, 2011

deep breath

Can I tell you something? 
I love to tell people what to do. 
For real, I do. 
I'm super good at it, too.
Especially when it comes to restaurant suggestions. And since I am a major foodie (although I loathe the term, there really is no use denying it) and an enthusiastic cook, there are few (VERY few) things that I love more than going out to eat. You know, mostly so I can judge other people's food. And try to copy it. But really, what is not to love about going out to eat!? There is always grub and usually some friends/family/people that you love or at least can stand to talk to for an hour or two, which means smiling, laughing, and lots of chewing. These are my favorite things.
I also love to write, however "quirky" (pretty sure that's the nicest thing that people ever say about my writing style) my voice may be. 
And I love food!
Did I say that already? 
Anyway, I have decided to start another blog to try to get some of this food-loving, need-to-write-about-something energy out of my system. I want to write about the food I eat and perhaps even sometimes what I make at home. My best memories all involve family and food (which explains the chub) and I want to share my passion with anyone who will listen. I want to entertain friends... and to try to tell as many people as I possibly can what to do.
Seriously- I'm good at it. You'll see. 
Who knows how long my blog project will last, but for now I would love for you to check out my very first posts and let me know what you think!
Really, though. Give me feedback. I need it. The brutal kind.
Check it out here, then quickly tell me not to quit my day-job so we can stop all of this foolishness here and now. ...or you could love the whole idea, too. You know. Up to you.
Oh, and I don't say this enough, but thanks for being my friend.

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