Monday, August 10, 2009

i'm nearly old, i'm almost young, or so i'm told

Just got back from a trip to Las Vegas, Phoenix and Pine Valley with Ashley and Avery. It was so wonderful, even though it sure is good to be back home with Klayton. We had a great time, saw a Bobby Long concert, met a few Elvises (or is the plural of Elvis Elvi?), swam, played, went to a wedding, melted in the desert sun, etc. My family are all wonderful and we had a great time seeing them. Next up? Bear Lake this weekend. School. The Fair. A trip to Portland. A river float trip. And then September. I love our crazy life.

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Jane said... that for reals?? Your hair is getting so long. Hot MAMA! What a busy/fun summer you are having. It's going to fast. Bear Lake and Portland?? So super jealous. Look forward to pictures.