Monday, July 27, 2009

july postcard

4th of July parade and family cook-out, a couple of visits with Uncle Adam, the Idaho Falls Zoo with cousins, camping, a AAA baseball game, a busted nose and a trip to the Playmill Theater in West Yellowstone, MT (Guys and Dolls- so good!!). Our July has been wonderful! Coming up this week- a trip to Las Vegas, NV and Gilbert, AZ to visit family, see the sites and have an awesome time with my TTT (Teeny Tiny Tietjen- Avery's 4th Ward nickname) and my bestie/LP Ashley. July just couldn't get any better!!


Mallory Evans Photography said...

IM your bestie/bffe!!!! get used to it! hehehehe ajdoiandfo;ianefohaeof

Sam and Livi said...

your life is so fun!