Thursday, August 20, 2009

bon appetite

I just got back from Girls Night with Mandy, Shellena and Cindy (my sisters-and-mother-in-law), and we had a fabulous time going to see Julie and Julia. It was a wonderful and extremely well-acted (Meryl Streep you are amazing) movie about a woman on the brink of turning 30 who feels like she is drowning in the meaninglessness of her everyday life, and finds joy and purpose though starting a blog about cooking her way through Julia Childs' classic cooking tome Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

Through flashbacks of Julia in Paris and throughout her life, this movie is both a bio-pic and a human-spirit-triumphs story. Just be sure to eat a good meal before you go to see it- it's not easy to sit through two hours of buerre blanc and boeuf bourguignon on an empty stomach. Also, try your best to ignore the multiple boom mic interferences throughout the picture (when I say multiple, I mean it! I think toward the end of the film I spotted it in EVERY SHOT. No exaggeration.) ***I told my brother, Adam, about this and he told me it was probably the dummies at the Rexburg theater who set the projecter alignment up wrong. So... I guess I'm the dummy. :) Never mind about the boom mics.**** and the F bomb they just HAD to drop for some effing reason (Hee hee. But seriously- I hate gratuitous naughty language in movies, or anywhere for that matter. It just feels like high school all over again). Otherwise this film is absolutely lovely. Take your favorite foodie with you and check it out. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to poach myself an egg.

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