Sunday, May 18, 2008

you say it's your birthday

well, the day has come and gone. on friday my baby turned one. ONE! i feel like time is slipping through my fingers. a whole year has gone by. this weekend has been lovely and perfect and all that i could ask for. my mom, my little bro, zach, and both of my grandmas came up for avery's birthday and i have loved having them here! friday was pretty low-key, but saturday i threw a kiddie carnival 1st birthday party like you wouldn't believe!! i felt it necessary to throw avery a huge birthday party for many reasons. 1) i love throwing parties! 2) i wanted an excuse to get all of the family and friends in one place that i could. 3) avery is a miracle in every sense and she deserves to be celebrated (even though she won't remember this at all)!!! anyway, now that i have justified this excess, here are the picks.

setting up... the cake, the food, the 2 pound 1 ounce (avery's birth weight) jar of jelly beans. if you had the closest guess to the number of jelly beans in the jar, you won them (congrats mandy!). in case you were wondering, avery weighed 817 jelly beans at birth!

avery slept for the first half hour of the party. she is a party animal.

the gift table... i just can't justify this excess. i love our friends and family and i especially love that avery is too young to realize that she is spoiled!

i think that the boys had as much fun (if not more) than the kids. they all took turns getting sponges thrown at them.

here are the carnival games i set up. throw the wet sponge at the boys, drop the clothespin in the bottle, and throw the ping-pong ball in the bowl. the kids earned tickets and then cashed them in at the prize table for cotton candy, toys, games, etc. they loved it!

it was the most beautiful day ever. the first real perfect summer day idaho has seen. perfect for a carnival!

here's klayton's mom, mackenzie and milo. i just had to post this picture because kenny is gorgeous.

i made a cake!

and avery thought it was delicious. check out those teeth!

to speed up the process, all of the kids jumped in to open avery's presents. they had a blast... and avery loved playing in the paper...
while everyone looked on. i still have no idea what present was from who. thanks everyone! everything was great and cute and perfect! :)

my mom got avery this tent from ikea and zach set it up. elle and alexis enjoyed the shade for a bit before the party ended.


Meagan said...

you are the cuuuutest mommy ever. Even though she won't remember, she'll definitely LOVE seeing those cute pictures! She is a miracle and I love her! and I love you!

Kristine said...

ditto to what meagan said! you are so stinkin cute.

happy 1st to avery. she's a miracle. and so darn cute.

lets get together Pronto! i miss you so much.

Melissa Braegger said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Avery! She is getting so big and she has so many teeth:) McKenna still only has two! I totally want you both to stay here, do not feel like you are imposing at all. That is too bad that Klayton will not be coming, Chris would have loved to see him and play pool with him. That was the cutest birthday party, Avery totally deserved it:) Can't wait to see you and I'll plan on seeing you on Tuesday night. Do you need someone to pick you up at the airport? Let me know.

Livi said...

Wow! You ahve been a mommy for a whole year! Looks like a super cool partah. I wish I could have been there for the cupcake cake!!

Jane said...

That is mind blowing that it has been a year since she made her grand debut. I remember seeing her in a text Adam sent me as I opened my phone on the plane from Europe. Happy Birthday sweet AVERY!!! You are the best mom! I love you Mandy Girl! I'm so happy that she has continued in good health. xoxo