Saturday, March 16, 2013

us kids know

I wrote this last week. ...and then my computer freaked and I lost all of it. And I got really annoyed and decided to forget it. And all blogging. For the rest of eternity.
Then I calmed down and decided to re-write it. This is a shabby second attempt at posting about our lives from the perspective of, Oh, about two weeks ago, now.
Stupid freak-out computer.

Last week was a busy one! We kicked off the weekend with a (n evil, insane, fifteen-hour) drive to Idaho Falls. We wanted to squeeze in one last trip over before BB shows up, and we hit a wicked storm on the way! And then we dragged the storm with us for about half of our journey.
 What could possibly make a normally-twelve-hour trip with two small children and an incredibly pregnant woman more uncomfortable? Yep. Snow and rain and ice and wind.
Oh well, we made it! And it wound up being a lovely weekend. It was nice to see friends and spend time with K's family. 
But both K and I had to admit that we did not miss the snow and ice and below-zero winters. Not even a little bit. It really is lovely to live in this Portland climate!
But enough about the weather.
Here are a few pictures from our little trip.
What's up, belly? My amazing friend Stacy made me a diaper motorcycle with a monkey rider. Cutest present ever!
Cousin Snow Time!
30 weeks
 Otherwise we spent the week trying to have some fun! We did some shopping on Monday for a few new things to make our little town house brighter and easier to live in- we really love where we are at, but it honestly sucks rocks, too. Our house has the oldest (grossest) carpet on the block, needs new doors and paint, and it just feels really dingy in there no matter what I do! While we were out of town we ran an ozone machine all weekend again to help with carpet smells (DISGUSTING! I know). Then we spent Monday running around buying a gorgeous new rug for the living room, a couch cover for our comfy second-hand couch, and brighter lights for all of our fixtures. So far it has helped a bunch! We even got the girls wall stickers that match their new bedding- darn you Target and all of your adorable crap!

Avery was not impressed with all of the errands.

A peek at the wall decals- and the most adorable scene ever! Which one is the doll?
My mom got my brother and I a pass to OMSI that lets in us, K, the kids and a few more, all for free! It's amazing. Avery especially loves OMSI- especially when she got to bring her best friend, Drew! She was especially excited to dress up like chipmunks with Drew and play in the indoor forest area - these two love playing house and have imaginations that just won't quit!- and to show him the earthquake simulation. After she did the simulation the first time we visited OMSI, she had all sorts of questions about earthquakes. Which was followed quickly by all sorts of nightmares and teary-eyed conversations about earthquakes. But I think she's made her peace with the idea now. And at least she's prepared, right?
Duck and Cover!
Little etymologists checking out the petrified bugs.
There is a Science Playground section indoors with all sorts of cool activities for kids under six. Carter's favorites are the sand pit and the water tables. I have to bring a change of clothes (because Carter NEVER does anything half-way!) but it's so worth it to see her having so much fun. 
...that is, until she refuses to stop drinking the gross water. Seriously.

These two are besties. The end.

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Bethany said...

Avery looks a bit terrified in that earthquake picture! And then there's Drew who seems to be contemplating something else entirely...