Wednesday, December 12, 2012

if it's too much to ask, if it's too much to ask

Hello Friends! It has been too long since I have had a quiet moment with which to share my thoughts and experiences here. 
Now is not that moment. 
It's finals week and I have two extra children living with me for the week, a four-year-old and a three-year-old. That means that right now I am the mom of a five, four, three, and two-year-old. Did I mention finals? ...just checking.
For the past month I have been counting down with every bit of sanity I have left (and I lose bits by the minute lately!) to next week-- school is out for a few weeks and I am ready to unwind! It is going to be an all-Christmas, all-Family, all-fun time! We are delivering the gifts, watching the shows, reading the books, singing the carols- all of the things I have been looking forward to all year! And then on Friday we get to fly to Las Vegas where we are spending Christmas with my entire family (eee!!)! 
But there is something that I am looking forward to even more than all of that. This coming Tuesday, I get to take a good look at the little kicker I am incubating! This pregnancy has been wonderful so far, and I have been counting down for far too long to find out the sex of this baby! I feel so ready to become a family of five. I am seriously impatient.  In fact, between the move and all the wonderful insanity of getting a new life laid out in a new place, I feel like this is an elephant's gestation period (2 years!!!) and not a human's. Not to complain- I just am so eager to see this baby's little face and feet and arms and hands and uhh gender. Sorry, that sounds dirty or something, but seriously, it all looks like smudges and waves until the ultrasound technician points out all of those things to you, anyway. We will be so happy either way, but I know K has his fingers crossed for a boy! If you want to venture a guess, I put a poll up. It will close on Tuesday morning!
Oregon Zoo Lights, 2012
I hope this little update finds everyone out there well and enjoying the Christmas season!

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