Wednesday, November 4, 2009

trick or treat

We went to Boise for Halloween with Klayton's family. Stayed with K's brother, Spencer, and had lots of fun. I let K come up with our Halloween costumes this year and... well... see for yourself. He's a mad scientist. I'm his victim. Pretty yucky but you have to love his imagination and ability to make all of that spending $8 at DI. He also did our pumpkins and he carved me an Edward pumpkin!! Yay!! It's gorgeous. What an awesome hubby I have. Avery had so much fun and still asks about trick or treating and wants to watch "Gawfield Haween!!" I just can't believe that we've officially rounded the corner and now Thanksgiving and Christmas are staring me right in the face! It's craziness. I can't wait.

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Mickie Ann said...

you guys look great!! What fun to spend it w/ Spencer & family. Mom told me you two were on the news last night!! Way to go - for voting!!!