Monday, November 23, 2009

so you're the vampire girl

Here are some shots from my awesome New Moon-themed 25th birthday party!! I went to the premiere with the Chandlers so they came over beforehand to watch Twilight, revel in my awesome decorations, and just generally be super duper excited/nerdy (whatever you want to call it) with me. I love them all so much! When K got off of work he joined us at the New Moon midnight premiere. It was amazing!! So fun. Can't wait to see it again (well, I went twice on Friday, so... again again.). Friday was also my 5 year wedding anniversary- love you K. Such a good week. Be sure to notice all of the frames in my house were filled with NM quotes that I printed off from this site. Also our red lips and nails- all in honor of Edward, who was quite thirsty in this first pic. That's probably what makes him take his shirt off in the end of NM. That boy can't hold his strawberry soda. Also, my red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and blood splatters were a big hit. And I got to snuggle up under my new Twilight blankie that Mandy, my sister-in-law, gave me while I played Twilight Scene-It (Thanks Ashley!!) with the Chandlers. ...if you don't want to be my friend any more after reading this, I'll understand.


Andrea :) said...

Mandy, I LOVE IT ALL! You are seriously the coolest! So glad you had a KILLER birthday! Can't wait to see NM again, either!

Vampire Girl said...

I saw an ad for Twilight parties just this morning! What a coincidence. Love the blood on the cupcakes. Best bday wishes from one vampire girl to another.