Monday, October 12, 2009

wicked and divine

My mom flew in from Vegas for the weekend and we had such a great time!! Starting when she unpacked her luggage (I think she brought a pair of socks and a toothbrush for herself- the rest of her bag was filled to the brim with presents for Avery!! It must be nice to be the only grandchild.) on Thursday night. It was so good having her around.
I made Cranberry Orange Scones on Friday morning, then we went mad shopping (my dad was at home in Vegas with a bag of frozen chicken fingers and no Wingers sauce!! He was all out! Can you imagine?? Don't worry- mom brought him home a suitcase full.) until Klayton got off of work at 3:30. All day Friday the weather would be sunny but cold then we'd come out of a store and it'd be raining cats and dogs then we'd come out of the mall to snow... Idaho was not showing off very well for my poor mom who kept repeating over and over "WHYYY do you live here!?!?!" I didn't have an answer for her on such a junky day, either. Anyway, Friday night we drove down to Lava Hot Springs just south of Pocatello for a little swimming/soaking. It was awesome! Avery got to swim and show off her mad skills to Grandma and we all had a great time. Afterward we found a cozy little diner way too late for dinner but we ate it anyway and it was perfect.
Saturday Klayton ditched work and we hit the Harvest Fest with Mandy and Troy and the kiddos! We were there for hours! It was so fun (sorry- no pics). Then after Avery's nap we drove around to a couple of pumpkin patch/barn/places in town and went crazy with Fall cuteness overload. Avery had a blast picking out pumpkins and running around with Rocky. We had dinner at the Snake Bite, one of my favorite local restaurants, and came home to watch some cheesy LDS movies (think CTR version of the pink Pride and Prejudice among others).
Sunday I taught the Gospel Doctrine lesson and we came home from church to an amazing flank steak (my mom is a super amazing cook) and some sweet squash for dinner (and some BBC Sense and Sensibility for entertainment) before we ran to the airport and said goodbye. I had the most amazing weekend with my mama (Avery balled when she left and has asked for Grandma just shy of a bazillion times since last night) and I love her so very much. Thanks for a great time, mom!!


K8 said...

dang girl. is there anything you didn't do with your mom?! sounds like a wonderful time. Avery is so spoiled. It's nice though huh? Grandma's are the best!
So you teach Gospel Doctrine? I just got that calling. Any advice for me? I'm really nervous!

Kristine said...

Moms are the BEST! sounds like an awesome weekend! Avery is one lucky grandchild.
oh and your mom is a Beauty!

Sam and Livi said...

all that talk of yummy food made me hungry!!

moms rock. im so glad you had a nice time.

Melissa Braegger said...

I love the picture of your mom and Avery in front of her crib with Rocky-Avery is so beautiful and her hair has gotten so long. I'm guessing that tutu was a new gift from Grandma:) Looks like you had a fabulous time with your mom-miss you

Jane said...

Your mom is THE BEST!!!! Gosh. You are a lucky girl. Avery is too! So fun to have a visit from your Mom and get the mother treatment. I wish I could be at your Gospel Doctrine lessons.