Tuesday, October 20, 2009

traveled half the world to say

Despite an icky cold and feeling a wee bit ridiculous (Who am I kidding? We're nerds and we're proud.), I went down to Syracuse, Utah with Ashley and Nathan early Saturday morning and we traversed the Edward and Jacob face corn maze. It was pretty amazing. Once we started using the map it was incredible how they really did carve every single detail of their faces into two gigantic corn fields! It's nice to know that someone out there loves Twilight in all of its silly glory as much as we do. Either that or they know that they can get people like us to travel three hours at 7am on a Saturday and pay $8 to come and see Edward in corn. It was so fun and afterward we made ourselves sick eating yummy fries and shakes at Iceberg in Bountiful. The drive to and from UT went by so quickly. It turns out that great friends and a silly road trip makes for a great Saturday.

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