Monday, February 23, 2009

site for sore eyes

When I need custom invitations or Christmas cards or personalized return address labels, I turn to one place: Would you like to know the best part? I get them all for free! Okay, not ENTIRELY free. I do have to pay shipping, but this website is the best. Every week they send me more free offers. No, this stuff isn't essential to everyday life, but I sure have enjoyed making everything from a family caricature note pad for my mom to a super-nerdy Twilight T-shirt for myself all for free through VistaPrint. The following pictures are just a few of the things that I have ordered from them over the past year and a half. I'm already working on the invites for Avery's second birthday party as well as some new business materials for Klayton's property management company. My total so far? $0.00 - or, as my dad would say, free thirty-free.


Mickie Ann said...

I don't know who left you the other post... but it is true. We used vista print for the Trophy Store stuff and they were taking $$ out!!! My parents were so MAD!!

Mandy said...

that totally happened to my mom, too! they refunded her everything, but still, that is so uncool.
i know that they have a lot of partner offers and you have to be REALLY CAREFUL what you click while you are checking out, but as long as you check your shopping cart and keep an eye on your account just in case, it's not a problem and i've been totally fine using them. they have given me good products for free a ton and i have no issues with them.