Tuesday, September 3, 2013

first aid in the first grade

Call a medic. 
My heart is broken. 
The summer has flown by and my baby is in the first grade. 
And isn't she the cutest ever? She picked out every single thing from her leopard leggings to her fox earrings. And she made me straighten her hair even though it's rainy and humid which equals frizzzzz. She is the most beautiful thing around. Darn it- I'm pretty sure this caption stopped being a caption a long time ago. It is now officially a short story. Not even a good one. But let me skip to the end... Blah blah blah and then you find out that The Lottery is a drawing to decide who will be stoned to death in the village square.*
 Which means she is gone.
All. Day. Long. 
And I miss her already. 

*If you didn't get the joke in my caption, then congratulations! You are not a huge nerd. 
...Also, I apologize, but I may have just ruined the ending of one of America's greatest short stories for you - The Lottery by Shirley Jackson.


Bethany said...

I was all set for more tears and sorrow here... I'm a little disappointed! I suppose in no time at all this will all be routine. We'll hardly notice their seven hour absence. Maybe we'll even be grateful. Like you said before - naps and all. Right. Finn will be crawling in what...?..three months? Sigh.....
Keep me posted. I must know how the first day went. And all subsequent days.
I'm a nerd, by the way. Hasn't everyone read that?

Katie said...

I am feeling rather prideful about her outfit choice. It's absolutely something that I would wear. Also. HOW IS SHE OLD ENOUGH TO BE IN FIRST GRADE!?!?!?!?!?
Please tell her to stop growing up.
And hug her for me.
Now, I'm going to go cry because one of my favorite little girls is growing up...far away.